Pencil Drawing of An Orchid

This week, I tried to draw an orchid flower.  I was interested mostly in trying to figure out how to color the petals.  The orchid petal is white, with purple/pink dots of various sizes that blend together.

Photo of a pink and white orchid blossom.

The photo is a little pinker than the actual flower.

Here’s my attempt.

Pencil drawing of a purple and white orchid flower

It really isn’t right…

So I drew dots and then used a blending pencil to merge them together.  But this made the background purple, instead of white.  (You can also see where I spilled water on my paper and then tried to dry it by rubbing.  Not a good move.)

I think the next attempt will be to actually draw concentric dots of different colors.  If you look at the photo, there are darker dots surrounded by a lighter dots.  I thought I could achieve this with the blending pencil, but not so much.  It may be that my blending technique isn’t good either.

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