Completed Couch to 5K!

So I officially completed couch to 5K this week.  I’m still not running 5K because I run slowly, but I now run for 30 minutes without break.  My next step was to do a 10K trainer program.  I’m hoping more miles will also help me increase my speed on the shorter runs.  But, annoyingly, both treadmills in my gym are out of order.  They recently replaced one of them with a new machine.  The new machine is much lighter than the old one and has been broken consistently since installed.  It also shakes too much when I run on it, so I avoid it when possible.  But now the other machine is broken too.

I’ve written before about how I prefer running on a treadmill to running outside, but I may need to reconsider if the treadmills don’t get fixed soon.  This also means changing up my schedule- I would need to run at 7 am while it is still cool, instead of using the gym after lunch.  I’m actually pretty worried about this.  I’ve spent 4 months developing a routine, and going running 3X a week is pretty automatic at this point.  Rebuilding that habit at a new time will pretty much mean starting over.  And there is a cascade effect since all of my morning habits will be displaced as well.  So, I’m still thinking it over.


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