Camp NaNoWriMo Plan

So Camp NaNoWriMo has officially started (as of April 1), and I have done nothing…  Off to a roaring start!  I had thought I would plan out my strategy on Thursday last week, but it just didn’t happen.  And somehow on April 1, it didn’t make it on my to-do list.  I thought I was awesome and got everything done by 4 pm, so I cheerfully goofed off and watched TV for the rest of the day.  Oops!  So here is the Camp NaNoWriMo plan, at least for the first week.

As I mentioned before, my novel had terrible pacing, so during the first round of revision, I moved pretty much all the plot into the first act.  And I trimmed a bunch of padding.  I also fiddled around with the plot a bit, so now the first act has a lot of continuity issues.  So my goal for this week is to really carefully revise and edit the first act to clean-up all these errors.  I do have a few more scenes I need to write as well.   I also want to make sure that all my characters are behaving true to themselves and perhaps add in a few more moments that reveal how they think.  I’d like this to be polished enough to share with an outside reader.

I also need to do some research about my bad guy.  I actually got a book on the topic this weekend, so I’ll be reading that this week also.  I’m counting research in my 100 hours goal.  It has to be done.  It is necessary for the novel to be completed.  So why wouldn’t it go in my Camp NaNoWriMo Plan?

I want to make a serious push this week because I’m going on vacation in the middle of April.  So, in an ideal world, I’d get 30-40 hours done this week.  That would give me a bit of a buffer banked.  This seems a lot on top of my other projects, but I tracked my time pretty carefully in March and man, do I watch a lot of tv/surf the internet.  About 25-30 hours worth a week, in fact.  So, if I can just convert most of that time to noveling, then I should have no problem getting everything done.  I’m not sure I’m that strong, though.  I guess we’ll find out.

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